The Diablo Numismatic Society was founded on March 4, 1960 and
incorporated on
August 15, 1962.

The club meets
the 3rd Thursday of every month

at the Concord Police Community Meeting Room, 1350 Galindo St.,

Concord, CA.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary
in 2010!


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How a Penny became worth more than $2 Million

By: The Smithsonian







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Greetings Members & Friends…


Welcome to 2016! I am excited about the opportunity to lead this great organization for a second year as we continue to provide an education forum for the field of Numismatics while having fun and maintaining fellowship. I would also like to welcome our incumbent Board members...yes; we have all seven positions the same for 2016! Click *HERE* to see the DNS Board.

As I reflect back on 2015, I want to start by thanking our Board of Directors as they have all done a wonderful job to make our club such a success. Our Annual March Awards Banquet, July BBQ, October Coin Show and year end Christmas Party were all successful events because of the coordination efforts from the Board. In addition, several club members stepped up as well…especially with our Coin Show!

Our VP Bill Hickman will be at the helm again this year running the monthly coin drawing. He has added his own creativity to the drawing which makes it fun for all. Bob Luna had an excellent slate of topics in 2015 along with the addition of “Presentation Night” where five club members put together a display case with presentation. The three top presentations took home nice Eagle Trophies! Bob has a great line up of guest speakers as well for this year. James and Kyle plan to continue their excellent work setting up dealers for our 2016 Coin Show. Kyle will continue to make sure that “we aren't broke” by managing our finances. I will continue with the monthly trivia question for the chance to win a Silver Eagle for the lucky person who answers the question correctly.

November 2016 will be our 700 th club meeting. I plan to work with the Board to come up with something special for our November club meeting as this milestone is a significant one to recognize!


Until next time,

Larry Casagrande - President DNS




Mission Statement


The Diablo Numismatic Society of Concord, CA
is a non-profit coin collecting club dedicated to
serving all of it's members from beginner to
expert - with focus on three priorities:

education, fellowship, and fun!









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