The Diablo Numismatic Society was founded on March 4, 1960 and
incorporated on
August 15, 1962.

The club meets
the 3rd Thursday of every month

at the Concord Police Community Meeting Room, 1350 Galindo St.,

Concord, CA.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary
in 2010!


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How a Penny became worth more than $2 Million

By: The Smithsonian







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Greetings Members & Friends...


Welcome to 2015! As your new DNS president, I am excited about the opportunity to lead this great organization as we continue to provide an education forum for the field of Numismatics while having fun and maintaining fellowship. I would also like to welcome our incumbent and new Board members. Click *HERE* to see the 2015 DNS Board.

We are already off to a great start. Our new Vice President Bill Hickman is now managing our monthly coin drawing and he has already put an exciting spin on it by expanding the opportunities to land a great numismatic treasure! Bob Luna is now in charge of our speaker program which is at the core of our clubs mission to provide numismatic education to our members! Two excellent presentations on the Standing Liberty Quarter and Early American Coppers already received great feedback for their detailed educational content combined with supporting coin displays. Bob has a great line-up of guest speakers resuming with April's meeting. I'm looking forward to the Hob Nickel presentation!

Our new April Newsletter is now online! Click on the Newsletter tab up top here and check it out!


Larry Casagrande, President DNS




Mission Statement


The Diablo Numismatic Society of Concord, CA
is a non-profit coin collecting club dedicated to
serving all of it's members from beginner to
expert - with focus on three priorities:

education, fellowship, and fun!









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