The Diablo Numismatic Society was founded on March 4, 1960 and
incorporated on
August 15, 1962.

The club meets
the 3rd Thursday of every month

at the Concord Police Community Meeting Room, 1350 Galindo St.,

Concord, CA.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary
in 2010!


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Here's a cool video on Disney Dollars by
Kyle Anderson.

Click on Mickey to watch!

How a Penny became worth more than $2 Million

By: The Smithsonian







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Greetings Members & Friends…


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This summer, we had our annual DNS Awards Banquet. There was a great turnout as we saw 75% of our average monthly meeting participants attend. A total of five awards were presented as follows:


Gordon Donnell – Bill Hickman

Gordon Donnell – Jon Marish

Call of Duty – Maria Stillwagon

Call of Duty – Kyle Anderson

Call of Duty – Lindy Reiwinkel


I would like to point out that it's great to see some of these awards presented to “Non-Board Members.” This just shows that we are gaining traction on other club members contributing to the success of this club!

With the annual Awards Banquet behind us, it's time to gear up for the July DNS BBQ. We will hold the event at the Old Borges Ranch again this year; once we wrap up all the planning, details will be shared on our web site and at our monthly meetings. If you like great BBQ, socializing, touring the ranch and a great coin drawing, then this event is for you!

Our speaker program is off to a great start this year. Bob Luna has put together some great programs. Kyle Anderson's “Disney Dollars” was a great video that he produced himself and can now be found *HERE* if you missed the viewing. Charlie Ludvik presented comprehensive information on the “Kennedy Half Dollar.” Of all the modern coins, this is my favorite. To mimic Kennedy's famous quote, I have my own for you: “Ask not what your coins can do for you but what you can do for your coins” This could be a topic on to its own, so I will leave it at this quote.

Our annual Coin Show planning never seems to stop. James Laird has made great progress signing up dealers to date. He tirelessly attends the local shows to canvas the dealers. The dates for this year's show will be October 7 - 9, 2016. Please contact one of the Board members to secure some coin show flyers to pass out to potential attendees!

November 2016 will be our 700th club meeting. I plan to work with the Board to come up with something special for our November club meeting as this milestone is a significant one to recognize!


Until next time,


Larry Casagrande, President DNS





Mission Statement


The Diablo Numismatic Society of Concord, CA
is a non-profit coin collecting club dedicated to
serving all of it's members from beginner to
expert - with focus on three priorities:

education, fellowship, and fun!









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